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Furnaces are often regarded as mystery appliances by most homeowners in the Pacific Grove and Monterey areas.  Homeowners know they need their furnaces but know little about how the furnace works.  While they help you remain warm and comfortable during the winters, furnaces can cause your other appliances to become finicky and increase your energy bills if they are not properly maintained.


Here at Wilson’s we believe that a reliable heating and cooling company should perform a furnace installation and furnace replacement in the most efficient and effective manner, so, ensuring that common furnace problems are avoided.

Making sure that your furnace is maintained by a licensed service provider will not only preserve its efficiency, but will also help you in saving money.  Regardless of the make or model of your furnace, our technicians are equipped to assess the unit to ensure that it is working optimally.  Most furnace owners do not conduct regular maintenance checks and only have the unit inspected when something goes wrong.

It is important to realize that frequent tune ups can significantly enhance the performance of the furnace.  

A well maintained furnace will last for a longer period of time and work through its operating lifespan

with less difficulty.

We Perform All Furnace Repairs, Installations, Replacements &

Tune-Ups In Monterey County

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Before Installing Your Furnace Our Technicians Will Assess the Heating Requirements of Your Pacific Grove Area Home

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If you’re purchasing a new furnace, it is important to consult with the experts to determine which model is right for your home.  Our specialists can help you decide the best option once they have determined the heating requirements of your home.  There are different kinds of heaters with unique features.

Choosing an energy-efficient furnace will not only keep your bills low, but will also save the environment from further damage.  For any furnace-related problems, just make a phone call and our technicians will attend to

you in an instant.

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